Mediterranean Feta Panini

I got this idea from eating at Cultures near my university. I loved the flavours and health benefits of this divine panini, but the cost is quite high (especially for a university student, especially for a sandwich). In order to make this sandwich inexpensive and at my convenience, I created the following recipe. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!


  • multigrain bread (I used Stonemill Bakehouse’s multigrain sourdough rye)
    • optional, but encouraged: to add a beautifully flavoured and tasty crunch on the outside of the sandwich, spread a bit of Becel (or softened butter) and a touch of mayonnaise (or Vegenaise) on the outside of the bread before grilling
  • pesto
  • feta, crumbled
  • spinach
  • roasted pepper slices (to make easy, healthier homemade roasted peppers, you can find the Recipe Here)
  • grilled or roasted zucchini (let me know if you would like a separate recipe for these!)
  1. If you are taking the optional, but encouraged, step of adding margarine/butter and mayonnaise/Vegenaise to the outsides of your panini, I would suggest to do this first before you add your ingredients to the insides, as this will take some pain out of the process
  2. Spread pesto on insides of both pieces of bread for your panini
  3. Add a layer of crumbled feta to one side of bread (I encourage you to add as much as you like here!)
  4. Layer on your preferred amounts of spinach, roasted pepper and grilled/roasted zucchini. You can also add other Mediterranean flavours such a grilled/roasted eggplant, sliced olives, or even red onions. If you like what you’re putting into the sandwich, I’m sure that you’ll love the outcome.
  5. Close the sandwich and grill in a panini press, waffle maker or a regular frying pan (as I do) until the outside is crisp and golden, and enjoy!

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