7 Outfit Staples You Need for Back to School


Booties are a great investment for fall and back to school season. They keep your toes warm and make your outfits look much more sophisticated than typical runners. My first tip for buying booties is to choose an ankle and heel height that you find suitable for everyday wear. If you’re going to be running around campus all day, it’s a good idea to avoid a high heel, no matter how thick it is (I learned this the hard way). If you’re going to be sitting in classes all day in one building, however, then going for a less comfortable style isn’t as much of a sacrifice. My other tip is to choose a colour and style that is going to go with the rest of your closet. If all of your accessories are brown leather, then choose brown leather booties. Army boots are great for a rock n’ roll style, while Doc Martins are perfect for grunge. I

A Cute Graphic Tee

No matter what style you’re rocking, a graphic tee that you’re in love with will boost your confidence and have everyone wondering why you’re glowing. Whether it’s your favourite band tee, an OFWGKTA tee, a “Let’s Avocuddle” tee, or merch from your favourite YouTuber, graphic tees show your personality and are great conversation starters. Preps and sportsters might wear these as is of tied, while rockers and grunge kids might distress the shirt, and trend setters/followers might cut the shirts into cool ways that no one else has seen before. This is also a great way to show that you don’t subscribe to just one style, like pairing a Dr. Dre tee with a blazer, or wearing a trendy cut tee with a leather jacket. Graphic tees are a great way to express your individuality.

Comfy Jeans

Jeans are a must in any wardrobe, but it is very important to invest in a comfortable pair of jeans as a student. Sitting in classes for hours and running to classes can be far less stressful when you don’t have buttons digging into your gut or pants so tight that they give you back problems from sitting to long. It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron to classify jeans as comfortable, but there are a lot of options for fits and materials these days. Stretchy jeans (or jeggings), boyfriend-fit and 90’s mom jeans are my favourite for back to school season. They make outfits look a lot more thought out than leggings do, and they can often be more comfortable than leggings.

The Plain White Tee

The plain white tee is essential no matter your age, size, or style. Basics are necessities no matter where you fit in any of these categories, but a plain white tee is the staple of all the staples. They can be dressed up or dressed down. They can emphasize your style or be the backdrop to your statement pieces. They can be form fitting, boxy, v-necked, asymmetrical… you name it, it belongs in your closet.

Simple Necklace

Wearing a necklace with your outfit is the way to make you look put together. The key here is to define for yourself what simple means. This could mean a dainty silver necklace, a black velvet choker, pearls, a name necklace, a deathly hallows charm, or a long chain with a feather and a skull hanging at the bottom. I used to struggle a lot with jewellery because I thought that you needed ornate pieces that stood out and could only go with one outfit. I started to understand that you could look put together a lot easier (and a lot cheaper) with a simple necklace that you could wear with any outfit. This piece of jewellery could become such a habit that if you’re not wearing it one day, people think that you look like a completely different person.

The Sweater of Your Dreams

This could be a cardigan, knit sweater, hoody, crew neck, perfect fitting, a couple sizes too big, plain, graphic, long, cropped, bright, black…. It has just the right amount of coze for you during the colder months of the year that still allows you to get your work done when you need to. It’s your comfort blanket that gets you through the stress of having to go back to school.

A Jacket That You Can Wear With Any Outfit

Jackets are a necessity when the weather is cooling down, but they are also an essential piece to make your basics pop. Whether you choose a cozy jean jacket, a grunge army jacket, a rock n’ roll leather jacket, a preppy suit jacket, or a sporty bomber jacket… this piece in your wardrobe will help bring everything together and change your basic outfits to match your style. You could be wearing the exact same outfit as your friends (plain white tee, comfy jeans and booties) and still stand out as individuals depending on which style of jacket that you throw on top of it. I also think that these are great pieces to invest a bit more money into, because they will last you through many seasons and many outfit variations (that is, if you don’t get tricked into buying something odd and trendy). You could…. even…. choose… a vest…….. *cringes*


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