Although many of us have heard about the negative sides of juicing and juice cleanses, I still think that adding juice to your diet has a lot more benefits than side effects. Juices don’t provide the fibre or meal replacement qualities that a protein packed smoothie will give you, and juice cleanses leave you exhausted and ready to binge by the middle of the day. On top of all that, it’s expensive as hell to buy a juicer and annoying as hell to clean one every day.

On the other hand, if you’re eating the same things that you would every day and then add a fresh juice on top of that, you are adding a ton of nutrients that will have you feeling energized and focused, without having to swallow down a massive multivitamin. Plus, if you’re drinking juices without additives, you’re getting the nutrients in a natural way which your body can process and absorb easily.

So, since I’m not a fan of multivitamins that have 3000% of my B vitamins (which turns your pee the colour of yellow highlighters) and since I love trying new products, I wanted to try juicing. Lo and behold during this revelation, my grocery store had a sale on a new product called CEDAR, which is a juicing company based in Toronto. If you all didn’t know yet, I love supporting Canadian companies, as supporting your country helps its economy and provides a more sustainable future for yourself and your fellow countrymen (or offspring).

The company only had 5 juices when I first started enjoying their products, and now they have a range of products that doesn’t only include juices anymore. My personal favourites and go-to’s are The Allotment (green juice), The Root of All Good (red juice) and Zest of the Bunch (orange juice). Now they have probiotic drinks, charcoal and strawberry lemonades (which I will be trying soon), an organic line, larger bottles for the family, and -if you still really want that fibre with your drink- they have smoothies!

What really caught my eye about these products before I first gave them a try was that they didn’t have an ingredient list (which is required on all nutrition labels in Canada). I was very confused about this, knowing the Canadian laws, until I realized that the fruits and vegetables on the front of the bottle were all of the ingredients! That meant that there were no preservatives, no juice concentrates and no hidden chemicals. That’s better than the juices that they make at Freshii (which are the same prices), plus, these juices taste way better than the Freshii juices. I could keep going on and on about why I love this company and their juices, but I’ve already written quite a bit today, so I’ll stop boring you and get to my favourite juices, why I love them, and why they make me feel so amazing.

The Allotment

Ingredients: apple, kale, swiss chard, grapefruit, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, ginger

The allotment is my absolute favourite for when I feel like crap; when I’m sick, lethargic, achy, uninspired, etc. Leafy greens contain pretty much every nutrient in the book, so they help with pretty much everything in the book, and this juice is packed with greens. I don’t enjoy the flavour of this one as much as the others, but I just chug it down and then proceed to feel like a million bucks just a few hours later. If you’re someone like Kourtney Kardashian who can endure a minute of torture every morning in order to feel amazing the rest of the day, I would highly recommend this juice for every morning. If not, this is a go-to for a boost when you feel crumby.

The Root of All Good

Ingredients: carrot, apple, beet, lime, turmeric, banana

This juice gets its bright red pigment, betalain, from the beets. Pigments are what gives your fruits and vegetables their vibrant colours, and they also provide you with nutrients (such as carotene in carrots, which turns to Vitamin A in your body). That is why you want to eat many different colours of fruits and vegetables every day, and why having this beet juice can be incredible for your body. Betalains come almost exclusively from beets, which is why this juice is a great addition to your diet. They can prevent DNA damage (which is amazing for preventing cancer!), works with Vitamin E to prevent blood clots, and helps to ease intestinal spasms (IBS sufferers rejoice!). So, not only is adding a beet juice amazing for correcting a lot of problems that our crappy, processed diets have created, but it is also my go-to after a night of one-too-many glasses of wine. I think of hangovers like sunburns… you don’t know which one is going to be the indicator of too much oxidative damage, so treating it ASAP is the best “root” to go (I’m so punny). On top of all of this juice’s benefits, this one actually tastes amazing, even to those who aren’t fans of beets, so it’s definitely worth the try.

Zest of the Bunch

Ingredients: orange, grapefruit, turmeric, ginger

This one’s name says it all, and it’s a great juice for those who are just starting out in the juicing game. It tastes like orange juice with a bite, plus it has the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, which you can’t even taste. The grapefruit has amazing benefits for your heart and the ginger is the perfect addition to keep your stomach settled when drinking all of this citrus (among its other health benefits). Although we’ve learned that there is more Vitamin C in a red pepper than in citrusy oranges (hello American propaganda), this juice is great for preventing illness and keeping your skin looking and feeling young. Even though I’m well into the juicing game now, at least when it comes to CEDAR juices, I still always have to pick this one up for a treat. It’s just a bonus that it’s healthy for me!


CEDAR is available in almost every province and territory now (yes, even Quebec!), so I’ll provide this link so that you can find out where the closest grocery store is to you so that you can enjoy these juices and their benefits too. You can also contact them on the same website if there is nothing near enough to you, to let them know that you want them to stock CEDAR in your grocery store.

I want to remind you all that I don’t get paid for anything in this blog. I only post products that I genuinely enjoy and want you all to know about. This writing is purely hobby and a passion to get real information about health to you all. There is so much misinformation spread about diets so that people can make a buck off of you, and I hope that I can correct at least a bit of that. So, if you have any questions about health or otherwise, please leave a comment below and I will answer it. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram, which have direct messaging if you have more embarrassing questions that you don’t feel like sharing to other followers.

Thank you for sticking with me and continuing to read! It means the world to me.


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