Packed Lunch 3: MEAL PREP

Breakfast: Toaster French Toasts

I love having toaster waffles in the morning since they are quick and easy, and I need speedy breakfasts for early morning shifts. The problem with toaster waffles is that they don’t carry much nutrition or protein in them to get me through to my morning snack.

That’s why I thought of making french toast for my meal preps. With whole or sprouted grain bread and fresh eggs, I have enough complex carbohydrates, fibre, nutritents and protein to start fueling my day.

I simply premade enough for the week, let them cool on a lined baking sheet, and froze them in a ziplock freezer bag. When I am ready for breakfast all I have to do is pop them in the toaster, then I have a delicious breakfast that has me leaving for work satisfied.

Snack: Chocolate Bliss Balls

This is my favourite snack to eat and to make. The recipe is incredibly easy, and I recently discovered that these keep perfectly in the freezer.

I make a single or double batch by processing the oatmeal and cacao powder together first, then adding the rest of the ingredients and processing until everything comes together. Then all I have to do it roll them into balls, place them into ziplock snack bags (so I have 2 or 3 per snack) and pop them in the freezer. When I’m ready for work I take a pack out of the freezer and they’re thawed before snack time.

Check out the recipe here: Chocolate Bliss Balls

Lunch: Sweet Potato Onigiri AND Chicken, Rice and Veggies

I loved these sweet potato onigiri that I made a while back, and they’re perfect for packed lunches because you can eat them hot or cold. I found that putting the saran wrap back on each of them after frying was helpful to keep them from sticking to each other when I put them in my containers.

Check out the recipe here: Sweet Potato Onigiri

For the chicken, rice and veggies, I made extra rice and sweet potatoes from the onigiri recipe and used those for my other lunches. I then cooked some frozen green beans and PC chicken burgers to finish off these meals. I’m pretty bad at cooking meat properly, unless it’s a roast, so these burger patties make cooking protein a lot easier for me.

These lunches have an extra bonus of containing both a green and an orange plant food, so you don’t have to worry about making them for dinner to meet your Canada’s Food Guide nutrition requirements. Also, if you feel like you need more protein with your onigiri lunchbox, I recommend making extra breaded chicken burgers to have on the side (as I did in the link & picture above).

Dessert: Mango Smoothie Popsicles

These are so satisfying to have after a long day of being on your feet, especially during the summer. I think that dessert is important when meal prepping because it makes your day a hundred times better, especially when it’s secretly healthy like these. I usually eat my desserts when I get home from work, as opposed to after dinner, because they are that much more rewarding and satisfying right after a long shift. This also helps me sleep better, since I usually put some honey or maple syrup in my desserts.

I got some popsicle molds for very cheap (~$5) from Marshal’s, but you can also use disposable paper cups and popsicle sticks… I just know I’ll be making more of these so the molds were worth the investment.

I just whizzed up some frozen mangoes, Greek yogurt, almond milk and a touch of honey in the blender for these smoothies. The idea here is to make them to your preference while they’re in smoothie form, that way you know that you’ll love them when they’re popsicles. Then I popped the smoothie into the molds, put the sticks in, put them in the freezer and enjoyed the heck out of them every day after my shifts.


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