MissFresh Review: Pros and Cons

Hello friends!

It has been a year since my last post about the MissFresh meal delivery service, so I thought that it would be a god idea to do a re-review of the company – since grocery and meal deliveries are not-so-new and have had some time to improve in areas where they may have been lacking when they were a new service. If you would like to see my original post about MissFresh, click this link. In my post last year, I did more of an overview of the company and their services, along with some details about their recipes, since I had never gone through the process before. I thought that this time I would let you know about the pros and cons of MissFresh, and why you might want to choose it over other delivery services that you’ve heard of.

Before I get started, I would like to also mention that I have never been paid by MissFresh to do these reviews (or any other products that I have written about, for that matter). I found Groupons before ordering for my first time, and I do not get any money for advertising for them. All of my opinions are my own, so you know I’m not telling you pros just for the sake of getting paid. #NOTanadd

To start on a positive note, I’ll tell you about the pros of MissFresh, and why I still order from them after all of this time.


  • Great delivery
    • All of your food comes in an insulated box, so even if your order arrives while you are at work, your food for the week will not be spoiled by the time you get home
    • The box is also recyclable, with biodegradable ice packs
    • You know the exact date that your box will be delivered
    • If you get the boxes delivered regularly, you can get an idea of the actual time of day that the delivery arrives
  • Proper meal portions
    • As a nutritionist, this concept was important to me when I was making all of these meals. Along with having Kilo Solution options to choose from, most of the meals that they provide have the healthiest ratios of veggies to carbs to protein.
    • The best part about this is that you are eating more veggies (therefore gaining the benefits of their micronutrients, phytochemicals and fibre) while enjoying them, because these recipes are seriously delicious! They will not be serving you bland veggies
  • Lots of options
    • Chef’s Box, Custom Box, Kilo Solution Box and Vegetarian Box
    • Lots more meals to choose from that services like Chef’s Plate
    • Different flavours and combinations for all types of preferences, even picky eaters!
  • Flexible ordering
    • Skipping weeks and cancelling accounts is easy and your wallet won’t be penalized for it
    • These links are easy to find and they let you know the time frame you have to make any adjustments to your deliveries before you are charged for those orders
  • Snack boxes
    • MissFresh has basically combined UrthBox with Chef’s Plate, by adding the option of getting a box of snacks delivered alongside your meal boxes
    • Everything except breakfast for the week will be delivered to your door… let’s see if they add breakfasts to their menu soon!
  • Competitive pricing
    • Having 3 meals for 2 people is exactly the same price if you’re ordering from MissFresh or Chef’s Plate, but the more meals that you order and the more people that you order for, you will be paying less with MissFresh compared to Chef’s Plate
    • If you are cooking for a family or need the delivery more times a week, you will be paying less with MissFresh…. if not, you’ll be paying the same as their competitors, but still with more options and easier navigation
  • Leftovers
    • I found that I always have leftover portions even without ordering extra meals for the week
    • This allows me to mix and match different meals together to try even more flavour combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of
  • Delicious meals
    • Every meal that I have made using MissFresh has been absolutely delicious. Even though I am usually trying brand new foods or new ways to cook foods with their recipes, I always end up loving what they have given me
    • This means a lot, considering I have been a picky eater since day 1
    • Once you have signed up with MissFresh, you can send your friends your personalized discount code so that they can save money on their first boxes
    • Every time someone uses your discount code for their first box, they save $30 (which is 50% off for the basic boxes) and that gives you $20 off of the next box that you decide to order
    • If you would like $30 off of your first box, you can use my code STACEYCOURT1, and then once you have your account, you can give your friends your code and then you will all be saving money… no need to use my code anymore! 😛

Before I get to the cons, I want to show you want I got in the past week’s box.

All of these recipes ended up tasting so delicious. The portion sizes were perfect, and, as I mentioned above, I had some extras to combine for tasty leftovers.

I loved trying these recipes, since some of these meals I had only tried in restaurants (i.e. I had never been able to make them in my own kitchen), or I would have never thought of trying those combinations of ingredients. As someone who has always been a picky eater, I love getting to try these new ingredient combos, and being surprised by how much I enjoy them!

Trying new recipes in this way is a great way to get yourself out of a food rut, since you won’t have a bunch of ingredients to throw out if you didn’t end up liking the new flavour combos. However, with the lengthy list of meals that you get to personally select (if you so choose), you run a very low risk of not enjoying what you get. Plus, trying new recipes can spark ideas for recipes that you’ll want to create yourself in the future (like Brussels sprout chips instead of your run of them mill kale chips).

CONS (based on experience)

  • Know which products to make first
    • They don’t tell that you might want to make your meat dishes in the first days, or make the recipes that have fresh herbs first, because these food products will go bad faster. You have to figure this out for yourself and make whatever is convenient for what’s going on in your weekly schedule
  • Didn’t get one of the recipe cards in my box
    • This is not terrible though, because by the time you get your box, the recipe is still available online… it was just less convenient to keep going back to my computer with messy hands rather than having a portable piece of card that doesn’t matter if it gets dirty
  • Assuming you have ingredients
    • I understand the assumption that everyone has some kind of salt and pepper in their cupboards (as they should), but the recipes assume that olive oil is in everyone’s pantry. They will provide you with vinegars and sesame oil… where in my case, I have more sesame oil in my pantry than I do olive oil. I think that if they are going to be including olive oil in a recipe, and sending everything anyways, they may as well send the needed amount of olive oil, too. This is presuming that the point of the service is because people don’t have the time in those delivery weeks to go to the grocery store anyways…
  • Few cases of ingredients I couldn’t use
    • In last year’s post, I was given an avocado to mash up that wasn’t even close to ripe, so I couldn’t use it for my meal (though, luckily, I had a ripe avocado in my fridge that I used)
    • In last week’s box my sweet potatoes weren’t looking so great. Maybe that’s why they sent me extra, because half of each potato was a little dried out
    • I don’t know what was up with the egg yolks they sent me for my carbonara. They could have been sent from frozen or prepared in some way so that they didn’t go bad by the time I got them, but they didn’t look like the pictures in the recipes or like a regular egg yolk when you get it right from the shell… I still used them and they tasted good anyways though 🙂

As per usual, even though there were cons, they weren’t deal-breaking, life-threatening or meal-ruining, so for me they almost weren’t cons. I was easily able to overcome these things because I have experience in the kitchen, and the products that they sent me for these boxes were things that I regularly have in my house, so I was able to substitute them when necessary. If these are deal-breaking issues for you, or if you would not be able to trouble shoot as easily if these things happened to you, then I would recommend that you order ready-made meals from a different service. That way you don’t even have to worry about cooking. I honestly just enjoyed not having to go to the grocery store, and trying delicious new recipes and flavour combinations… plus my FedEx guy is super nice.

One last tip about MissFresh if you don’t have the money to order from them at this time, even with my discount code, and you still want to try out their recipes… their most recent recipes are available to everyone who visits their site. So, if you find only one recipe that you would like to try from their menu and are willing to grab all of the ingredients at the grocery store, you can always take down the recipe for the number of portions that you want to make that meal for. Even on weeks that I don’t order from them, I am always looking at their menus to find new recipes and inspiration for my next meals. Please let me know if you check out their website, and don’t forget to have fun 😉


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