Packed Lunch 3: MEAL PREP

Breakfast: Toaster French Toasts I love having toaster waffles in the morning since they are quick and easy, and I need speedy breakfasts for early morning shifts. The problem with toaster waffles is that they don’t carry much nutrition or protein in them to get me through to my morning snack. That’s why I thought […]

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Roasted Red Peppers

Roasted red peppers are one of my favourite ways to add smokey and sweet flavours to any dish. These charred and peeled bell peppers are perfect for summer dishes in picnic sandwiches, as burger toppings, in pesto pasta or blended up into a mouthwatering dip. You can also use any colour of bell pepper for […]

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Black Bean Burgers

I promised this recipe a while ago, but I had to fiddle with it a lot. Being a student, this process took even longer since I had to constantly wait for the funds to keep working on the recipe. Finally, I created a recipe for black bean burgers that tastes great and doesn’t fall apart […]

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