Trendy or Trashy: Dress Over Pants

I have been praying for the past decade that no one would start wearing their dress/skirt over pants ever again, but the catwalks lately have been lined with this trend from the early 2000s. You might think you already know my stance on these outfits, but recent styles have been catching my eye on social media… so let me tell you about how I really feel about this trend.

I have to admit, I definitely participated in the skirt over jeans trend in the early 2000s… but I was in primary school and still thought that everything celebrities and designers came out with were smart and cute. Mischa Barton, circa the OC, definitely sticks out in my mind as the one who started this trend, even though it took me a while to even find a picture of her sporting this outfit.

These three also stuck out for me. I don’t remember if I thought that these were super cute or *face palm* at the time that they were worn, but now they are just super cringy. I know that since it stopped being a trend, I hoped with all of my being that no one would get caught up in the lie that this trend is; that skirt and dresses should be worn over pants.


About every 20 years, a trend will come back around with a new, refreshed way of looking at it. New technologies and other current trends will change the way we look at the old way of doing it. So even though I hoped it wouldn’t, I was expecting it to return sooner or later. Then, right on schedule, skirts and dresses started showing up over pants on the catwalks, magazines, red carpets, and fashionistas’ Instagram feeds.

Mostly, I question why this is ever a trend. Dresses were made so that we don’t have to wear pants, and, likewise, pants wear made so that we don’t have to wear dresses! So, why the frick are people pairing them together??

When it comes to fashion, however, I always encourage everyone to take risks and wear outfits that you have never thought of wearing before. So, I kept digging through the internet to find some ways that even I thought were okay ways to sport this trend. This is saying a lot, considering the number of years I have spent dreading its return.

Mostly, I found that this trend looked best when sporting a dress/long top that was meant to be worn over pants rather than on its own. Although, I do think that I would get tangled up in these long slit shirts!

I also love how these girls paired their button down dresses from last summer, since jeans would keep the cold spring breeze off of their legs now, and the dresses get to be worn in a different way than they had already been worn the year before.

What do you think of these outfits? Were there any that I learned to love that you couldn’t stand, or visa versa? In the end, I think that there are two lessons that we can learn from seeing this trend come out of the vault again…

Not everything that is on the runway is actually cute.

And, Keep an open mind! Every trend can be changed so that you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, so have fun!


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