Lemon Garlic Soba Noodles

For a while now I’ve wanted to do a shout out post for one of my favourite YouTubers, Lisa Lorles. She is a vegan nutrition student at UBC and makes beautiful videos with a ton of delicious recipes. This particular recipe stuck out for me because I have never seen or thought of the combination […]

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Trendy or Trashy: Dress Over Pants

I have been praying for the past decade that no one would start wearing their dress/skirt over pants ever again, but the catwalks lately have been lined with this trend from the early 2000s. You might think you already know my stance on these outfits, but recent styles have been catching my eye on social media… so […]

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15 Trail Mix Ideas for Every Occasion

There are hundreds of complicated snack recipes on the internet these days, but who really has the time to make something complicated every single week for every single occasion? Me neither! Trail mix is the perfect snack for busy work/school weeks, family holidays, road trips, and, you won’t believe this one, when you’re actually on […]

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Sweet Potato Onigiri

As you have probably noticed from my recent blog posts and my Instagram feed (@cookbooksandcardigans), I have been in the middle of a Japanese food craze. I love the tradition, nutrition, and creativity that comes with Japanese cuisine, so when I found this onigiri recipe, I just had to give it a try. Onigiri basically […]

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