Packed Lunch 2

Carrots, Pita & Hummus, Raspberries, Banana, Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bark When the weather is as miserable as it has been lately, you can really start to feel when you haven’t been eating enough fruits and vegetables. Especially during stressful times, such as the second week of exams that I am currently going through. I wanted to […]

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Crafty Ramen

As promised, I tried some non-instant ramen for the first time ever last weekend, and if you follow me on Instagram (@cookbooksandcardigans) then you’ve already seen images of the bowls that my mom and I got to try. Crafty Ramen recently opened in Guelph (in February to be exact); my belly could not be happier […]

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Homemade Sushi

So guess who is procrastinating from studying for exams!? I promised you a sushi post (in writing, on @cookbooksandcardigans, for those who missed it), so I had to be a woman of my word and provide you with the knowledge that I promised you. If you’re on board for a little practice, here’s the recipe! […]

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