Coast: Cricket Protein KickStarter

So today I was hanging out on in order to back a project by Honey Coast, because the campaign was ending in a few hours and I wanted to make sure that I had donated in time, as I had promised Violet on the Instagram page (@honeycoastusa). Since this campaign will have ended before many of you see this post, I wanted to let you know about another sustainable food Kickstarter campaign that I had come across.

coast bar

Coast is a company that was founded in Vancouver in 2015 which makes protein bars made with crickets! The campaign is on Kickstarter in order to expand their brand from British Columbia to all of North America, expand their product line to include protein powders (alongside their protein bars) and to raise the money to plant 10,000 trees in British Columbia. I urge you to visit their Kickstarter page as the campaign closes as of April 1st (32 hours left when I have posted this!). Please watch their video whether or not you are keen on donating, as it provides ample information about their company, the campaign, and all of the reasons they are choosing crickets as their sustainable protein source!

coast protein powders

Currently, the company has two flavours of protein bars; peanut butter and dark chocolate raisin (which you can see in my featured article image). Once the campaign ends, they will be adding three protein powders in peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate flavours. In addition, they pledged that if they surpassed their campaign goal and reached $30,000 in pledges, they would be adding their new flavour of protein bars; cranberry ginger. This flavour is right up my alley, and, lucky for me, they have already surpassed their goal, so anyone who backs them now is guaranteed to have this flavour as an option!

coast cranberry ginger

I am happy to support this company as it is a wonderful start to sustainable protein sourcing in North America, in addition to being a Canadian born company! Remember, sustainability starts by supporting your own country’s companies. Also, are you not as intrigued as I am to try cricket based protein?? Crickets are packed with nutrients and are a complete protein source, as well as being environmentally sustainable. On top of that, I think of bugs as a vegetarian/vegan food source. The extent of veganism is up to every individual, of course, but how small do your bugs have to be before you consider them vegan? Here is some information that Coast provides about crickets alongside their video.

coast why crickets

The company has been receiving rave reviews from news outlets, a few of which you can see below. Apparently, once you try them you are surprised by how good they are and that there are crickets in the bars in the first place! If you are still uneasy about eating bugs, remember that 2 billion people worldwide eat insects regularly as a part of their diet. Even Angelina Jolie has been promoting the insect lifestyle. When the bugs are prepared right, they can be an invited part of the diet, and having the cricket protein powder as opposed to chocolate covered crickets might be more approachable (and healthy!) for a North American audience. It might be a good idea to approach the flavours before they are forced on us by overpopulation or any other unexpected hunger crises, like it had been for some cultures. In addition, being made into tasty bars and powders I now means that we don’t have to sacrifice our own customs or normalities. [It should also take out the fear of their legs!]

coast media coverage

I am very excited to try the products that Coast offering, and if you would like to be one of the first to try them too, check out their Kickstarter page and pledge to their campaign. Even if you just want 10,000 more trees to be planted in BC or simply want more information about the product, click that link and check them out!

I have ordered both the bars and protein powders, so when their campaign is done and the products are delivered, you will be the first to know about how their newest products taste, without having to be the guinea pigs (lucky you!). I will also be receiving a t-shirt from their company, so I think I will make a video for all of you (wearing the shirt) while I try their products, so you will be able to see my immediate, candid reactions. I can’t wait to have fun with crickets while you guys watch, coming soon!


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