What I Eat in a Day: PESCATARIAN

I am usually eating a vegetarian diet, since it is much cheaper for me to eat as a student, and I find that I feel the most vibrant and energetic when I follow a vegetarian diet. However, seafood provides nutrients and flavour that you won’t find in other foods. For example, it is some of the only food that is naturally packed with calcium, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids. This is why Canada’s Food Guide recommends that every has fish for at least 1 meal every week.

Personally, I don’t prefer the taste of fish because I live in Southern Ontario, where we don’t get the fresh, salty fish that they have in the Maritimes or the Adriatic Sea. I’ve also gotten quite sick of the salmon which comes in an abundance here. So, my favourite ways to have seafood are either breaded fish or sushi. Today I opted to have sushi for lunch (as you will read….. hopefully), but I also like to have breaded fish (such as BlueWater or Captain’s Crew) with brown rice and a salad. Another way I’ve been learning to enjoy seafood is by having scampi or prawns in a pasta dish. So there are a lot  of great ways to add seafood to your diet, even if you normally eat vegetarian.

Finally, I wanted to remind you that I am not getting paid or sponsored by any of the companies that I mention. So anything I say about or promoting a company is my own opinion from actually buying and trying their products.


For breakfast I had vanilla Greek yogurt with granola, strawberries, bananas and Manuka honey. This breakfast has become a staple since it fills me up and keeps me full until lunch. It also makes me feel great as it provides macro- and micro-nutrients to keep me energetic and vibrant throughout the day. 

Greek yogurt is an amazing ingredient to add to your breakfast, as it has a higher protein and probiotic content. I will add Greek yogurt as a protein source to smoothies if I’m not in the mood for protein powder. Bananas provide an excellent source of potassium, which is a God send for balancing electrolytes when you have a hangover. The addition of the Manuka honey satisfies my sweet tooth in the morning, while providing a more distinctive and pleasant flavour than regular honey. On top of that, it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties. So this is an all-around great breakfast to have as a staple, in my opinion. 

It’s also highly satisfying to turn the beautiful presentation into this mess before eating.


Today I made California rolls (sans fish eggs unfortunately) and spinach, red onion and “crab” rolls. I didn’t have any wasabi for myself, so the red onions were a great way to add the peppery taste that I like with sushi. Nori (the seaweed on the outside of the sushi) is an amazing source of iodine, which is always needed for your thyroid, our metabolism regulating organ. Iodine is usually supplemented in table salt (“iodized salt”) so unless a doctor has told you to cut down on sodium intake, you can basically have as much table salt as you want… as long as you stay hydrated.

Learning to make homemade sushi is one of the best things that you could do for yourself. At least it has been for me. It’s hella inexpensive when you make it yourself, and you get to decide how many ingredients you want and what size your sushi is going to be. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to post a tutorial of how to make homemade sushi. I’m no master, but I can definitely get you started. So, if it’s something that you are interested in then let me know 🙂


Today, instead of a snack I had some detox tea. This weekend was our university’s homecoming weekend, so I figured I should give my system a nice break and help my aching organs out with the tea’s restorative ingredients. I will usually go for a cup of Kusmi tea, but I haven’t been able to go to Montreal for some time so I had my favourite detox tea from David’s Tea. It has an organic blend of rooibos, sencha green tea, lemongrass, ginger, juniper berries, and ginko, with natural lemon flavouring. I love the flavour combination and soothing quality of this tea. It is also important to save tea time for between meals rather than during or just ofter meal time, since the tannins in tea prevent the absorption of nutrients. Let your food digest for half an hour before drinking tea, or wait 15 minutes after drinking tea to eat for the most beneficial effects.


Tonight I treated myself to Amy’s pesto tortellini bowl and a salad. I love Amy’s products. They always taste spectacular and contain organic/non-GMO ingredients, so you know you’re getting good quality, vitamin rich food. The product lines also include alternative versions of their food for those who have sensitivities to gluten or dairy, as well as menus for customers with heart disease and diabetes. Click here to learn more about what Amy’s is creating for those with illnesses and allergies.

Along with the delicious tortellini (though it may be a bit expensive for how much you get), I had a mixed greens salad with bell peppers, feta and Simply Dressed’s Avocado Ranch dressing. Simply Dressed is another great company with wholesome ingredients, and I’ve been loving this dressing on wraps, in salads and as an alternative to hummus for veggie dip. Having a salad as a side with pasta helps to keep you feeling refreshed and nourished rather than just heavy while you’re winding down for the day. It’s a great way to help you get to bed and get out of bed the next morning.

What healthy food is a staple in your diet? What ingredients make you feel better rather than worse after you eat them? If you haven’t already, leave a comment below. I love reading what you have to say! Have fun!


One thought on “What I Eat in a Day: PESCATARIAN

  1. Hi Stacy,

    Loved this article. We are coming for thanksgiving so if you tell me the tea your looking for I may be able to find it for you. Erika lives Sushi so if you can post a video on how to make it that would be great . Keep up the great work❤️


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