CLIF Bar vs. CLIF Crunch

Normally when I go to the store and come across a White Chocolate Macadamia CLIF Bar, I can’t help but to buy it. They have the soft cookie texture with beautiful white chocolate macadamia nut flavour. However, these are usually sold per bar, so I get to have one or two and then have to wait until they are restocked in Sport Check or the health food grocery stores. I haven’t been able to find a full box of the CLIF Bars, so when I came across a box of white chocolate macadamia with CLIF written on it, I didn’t even think (or look) twice before buying it. It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered that I had purchased the CLIF Crunch granola bars. Not what I had intended.

So, since I have this new product to try and I have already talked about the soft CLIF Bar with the same flavour, I thought I’d fill you folks in on their differences and similarities, and give a recommendation on which ones you should buy.

CLIF Crunch Taste Test

Immediately you can see that the crunch bar package size is smaller, though you’re only getting 60 kcal less than the soft version. A quick review of the nutrition label shows that you’re getting more fat, but less sodium, potassium, fibre, sugar and protein. The crunch bar also rates significantly less in the micronutrient department (ex. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium & Iron). So it is more and less beneficial in different areas of nutrition.

In terms of taste, the crunch bar has it’s own flavour, but is comparably as good. I would compare its taste to similar crunch bars, such as the honey oat Nature Valley Crunchy bars. They are very similar in flavour, but the CLIF crunch bar is 70% organic and you can taste the few extra ingredients that make CLIF so individually delicious.

CLIF Bar vs. CLIF Crunch

Personally, my favourite of the two is the CLIF bar. I love how the soft version resembles the texture you would get with a real white chocolate macadamia cookie. Also, the white chocolate drizzle on top of this version makes my eyes roll back in my head when I eat it. So it’s almost incomparable which one I prefer because the soft bar just tastes significantly more decadent. However, if I’m ever craving crunchy rather than chewy textures, then I would not think twice about buying the CLIF crunch granola bars over the plain Nature Valley crunchy bars.

So the main verdict from me is soft over crunchy, Bars over Crunch. But really, the choice is up to you and whether you are looking for texture, nutrition, or flavour.

Which CLIF bars have you tried before?
Do you prefer crunchy or chewy snacks? Sweet or salty?

Let me know in the comments below! I love getting to know more about all of you and your food preferences. It means that when I write these posts, I’m not only getting work done, but I also get to have fun!


2 thoughts on “CLIF Bar vs. CLIF Crunch

  1. Ah, good to know! I’ve been seeing the Crunch ones around and was curious, but I guess I’m fine to stick with the regular Cliff Bars then. (At least until my stash runs out haha)

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