What I Eat in a Day: VEGETARIAN

Today is my first day testing out my month long diet and exercise plan. I wanted to go through the program myself before I have others test it out. This will allow me to tweak the recipes and workouts so that even the laziest and least willing people (aka me) will be able to follow the plan.

The first day of the diet plan turned out to be vegetarian, so I thought it would take the opportunity to write a vegetarian “What I Eat in a Day”. Most of my regular diet consists of vegetarian ingredients. I think that it is the easiest and cheapest way to eat, since meat and vegan substitutes can get pricey. I try to only eat meat once in a while, getting my complete proteins from beans, nuts, eggs and Greek yogurt. I will talk more about complete proteins when I write about my vegan diet plan, so stay tuned.

Since I am starting the exercise program along with the diet plan, I wanted to include protein in every meal to keep my energy and strength up.


Before I ate today I thought I’d get to the gym early so I wouldn’t have time to convince myself out of it. After struggling through my first day of hell, I made myself protein oatmeal with blueberries. This included oatmeal, egg, blueberries, milk, cinnamon and vanilla. I didn’t end up liking the recipe, so I think I’ll be changing it to oatmeal pancakes with blueberries on the meal plan. A pancake pan is much less annoying to clean than an oatmeal pot, too. I also think that protein oatmeal would be much better with protein powder rather than an egg.


For my morning snack I just had a banana. Bananas are packed with potassium, which helps balance the sodium in your cells. Potassium is depleted when you drink alcohol, so bananas are also great for hangovers (if you’re still celebrating the long weekend).

My afternoon “snack” today is a protein shake. I love this Trutein protein powder that Allan got me for Christmas. It’s Cinnabun flavoured, and I swear this tastes exactly like Cinnabon, so it’s not difficult to add to my routine. It includes whey, casein and egg white proteins, so you know you’re getting a good balance of amino acids to revitalize your system.


The lunch for day one of the meal plan is a protein box. I love the versatility of protein boxes, and I think platter style meals are so much fun. In a protein box I like to include 2 vegetables or fruits, 3 protein sources, and a complex carbohydrate to keep me satisfied. This week, my protein boxes will include baby carrots, sliced bell peppers, a boiled egg, nuts (or nut butter), hummus and a slice of sprouted flax bread.


For my final meal today I will be having my Quinoa Chickpea Salad, which is my absolute favourite vegetarian dish. It can easily be made vegan by leaving out or substituting the feta cheese.

So, what would you like to see included in this diet plan? I’m making it for you so your comments and suggestions will all be taken into account. The workouts will be the biggest challenge for me going through this. I can’t wait until exercising stops feeling awful and I can start to have fun 🙂


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