What I Eat in a Day: CANADA DAY

So today is Canada Day, and in preparation for the festivities I’m making sure that I fuel up on vitamins, minerals and energy to get me through the day and night. I want to keep my stomach full of nutritious food to prevent tomorrow’s hangover, keep my energy up for the day, and to keep the alcohol down.



After a much appreciated late start to my day, I decided on a smoothie and a toast for my breakfast.

I decided to make strawberries the star of my breakfast for Canada Day, since this weekend is the Strawberry Festival in my hometown, Stouffville. To my smoothie I added chia seeds and cacao powder for added minerals and fibre.

I just started eating cacao powder and I’m already in love with it, because it adds chocolate flavour without all the sugar or milk (or guilt!). Since it’s a festive day I also added my Orange Blossom Honey from PC for extra sweetness. I love the distinct flavour that this honey has, I think it is so much more smooth than regular honey.

With my smoothie I made myself a nut butter and jam sandwich on sprouted flax bread. I usually opt to make my own pecan butter, by blending pecans and honey until it’s only slightly chunky. However, I came across an almond cashew butter that had “mystery butter” written on it, so obviously I had to try it to see what the mystery was… I’m still not sure.

For the jam, I made chia strawberry jam in no time this morning because I ran out of my mom’s strawberry jam. I heated strawberries in a saucepan with chia seeds, a bit of lemon juice and sugar (sugar is completely optional; again, I am indulging today). I let that simmer until the chia seeds thickened the mixture, and then I put whatever I didn’t use in a jar to keep in the fridge.


One of my favourite healthy snacks is the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut CLIF Bar. It is soft like a cookie with white chocolate drizzle over top. Oh lord, it is heaven and you need to try it, I couldn’t even take this picture until I had eaten half of the package. Plus, it gives you an amazing amount of energy for the day.


I received my second MissFresh box this week (though a day late), and one of the recipes included was a fancy hot dog. I thought this would be perfect to have for a Canada Day barbecue. The recipe is called Merguez Dogs with Pickled Carrots, Cumin-flavoured Aioli and Green Salad, and Allan has been begging me to let him make these since I opened the box. The recipe turned out amazingly. The merguez dogs are packed with flavour and every element of the dish balances each other.


For dinner I want to make sure I’m refuelling for the day ahead. Additionally, I want a low protein, low fat meal so the alcohol that will be consumed will pass through my system a lot faster, preventing a worse hangover. Sweet potatoes are great for preventing hangovers, too, because they’re rich in the electrolyte potassium.

Yesterday I made sweet potato coins and roasted them in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 400°F with olive oil and seasonings. I also have leftover brown rice and peas, so that will be my dinner before the squad heads downtown to have fun!


4 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day: CANADA DAY

  1. Loved this article and all the pics you posted. Very interested in trying the Orange blossom honey and cocoa powder. Not a big hot dog fan but will try the pickled carrots or surprise Erika and try pickled turnips😃 your a great writer Stacy. Keep me coming Xox


  2. Makes me hungry reading your blog, Stacey!! And I just had ribs at a ribfestival in Halifax. Will have to try the dogs another day.


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