Trendy or Trashy: the Backwards Blouse

Trends come and go, but whether they’re actually stylish during their 15 minutes of fame is up for debate.

Recently, I have noticed a lot of tumblrs and instagramers sporting this trend of wearing their blouse (you may just call it a ‘shirt’) backwards, keeping the buttons and collar as a back accent. I wanted to see if this trend was really a hit or just a ruse.

My first concern was that this was just clickbait for fashionistas. As in, cool in pictures, but not so cool in real life. It seemed like this would be the case, considering that the pictures were all taken to show the wearer’s back. So I dug a little deeper into internet land to find pictures that showed the front view of these peculiar outfits.


To my gleeful surprise, the front view turned out to look cool. How the front turns out depends on the style of shirt that you own/buy, and how you choose to style it.

Want to keep it sleek? Button it up to the collar. This is also great if you have no back muscles and need some support for your hunchback (aka how I would wear it).

Small chested girls may want to keep the shirt open and flowy, while larger chested girls might want to accentuate their waste by knotting the back (or front? I don’t know anymore).


You can get creative with your back knots too. You can make them look like little ties or bowties by going on pinterest or something because I would have no idea how to do these 🙂

An interesting variation of the already edgy trend is to DIY your shirt and chop the sleeves off, which might be more agreeable in the summer weather. I also love how this looks from the front.

If you have a shirt dress, try wearing that backwards too. Adding a belt accentuates the waist and helps to make it look like you put your dress on backwards on purpose.

My favourite? Pair it with a shoulder bag with a long strap, and show a little back cleavage by leaving a few buttons open.

So what do you think? Let me know your opinions in the comments below, I’m sure some of them will be hilarious 🙂 I’m a huge a fan of fashion risks, so I think if you style it right, this trend could really be a hit. Otherwise you might risk looking like you woke up late and didn’t look in the mirror before you left home. It’s all in the presentation and the attitude you bring when you’re wearing it. So if you like it, go for it, because everyone looks good in confidence.  And it’s a lot easier to be confident when you

have fun!



2 thoughts on “Trendy or Trashy: the Backwards Blouse

  1. In Asia the women wear their shirts backwards to avoid tanning/burning, as white skin is considered more gentile. Not for me (but when you said “back cleavage” I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean bulges of flab!)


  2. I really cannot decide if I like this or not. I loved some of the looks but couldn’t see myself buttoning up all those buttons.
    Thanks for posting and keeping me current 😎


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