Let the Adventures Begin…

As an intro post, I thought it would be ideal to explain what my purpose is in starting this blog.

My name is Stacey, and I am a food, fashion, and travel enthusiast. Or rather, I am once again. As someone who has struggled with chronic health issues, I haven’t always allowed myself to be truly enthusiastic about these passions of mine. I often rejected the idea that they were valuable to me because they cost too much money and wouldn’t make me any money. Especially since I was always consuming in these areas, rather than creating and putting out products for others to consume. I learned that taking without giving wasn’t good enough for me, but I didn’t know the best ways to give when it came to my passions.
I got bored of judging my work before anyone had even had a chance to be moved by it, whether in a positive or negative way. I was so caught up in the few negative (or presumedly negative) reactions that I received, that I became too scared to continue creating.

But no more.

This blog will be my way of creating for you. Whoever you may be now, or whoever you may be in the future… maybe two people will ever come across this blog. But I need to share and communicate what I know, because there are other people in the world that actually want to learn, just as much as I do. And maybe by sharing my stories and ideas, I can help in that learning process. If I can help just one person feel more comfortable and confident in their self, then my purpose will be served. And if I can spark conversation about these passions, and have people with similar passions teach me new ways to look at them, then all the freaking better!

So, we begin in this adventure that is overcoming my fear, and sharing my favourite aspects of the things I love most. Because I haven’t been able to love my passions without sharing them with others. All I want to do is learn, but without contributing, I won’t get much back from it. So this is a blog for you. You people who just want to learn as much as I do, and who want to contribute to educational online content. I know this is redundant to say all over again, but I’m just too excited to be starting this creative process with you.

A little more about myself: I have many certifications in the field of nutrition, for health, beauty and for that sweet tooth of yours 😉 I am also currently in university in the field of Applied Human Nutrition, so I hope you can trust the advice and experience that I provide. I danced for 14 years throughout primary and secondary school, but chronic pain (which doctors have yet to diagnose) kept me from continuing in this sport. I now enjoy hiking and have learned a thing or two about how to navigate weights in the gym. I have overcome eating disorders, smoking and chronic mental health struggles, so if you need anyone to reach out to for support, I would love to lend a hand.

I encourage you to ask questions and provide feedback in the comments below every post. Every response that I get helps me to learn how to better every post, so comments are definitely welcome! You can also follow me on social media, on Facebook @cookbooksandcardigans, and on Instagram as @misstastystacey, and let me know how I’m doing with Likes and Comments. Finally, if you want to get in direct contact with me, whether for direct feedback, questions or to ask for a helping hand, please use the direct messaging on Facebook or Instagram, and I will get back to you as quickly as I see the message.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading until this part of my post and thank you for letting me share my passions with you.

Have fun 🙂


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